Tracking Boat Trip

In order to view the boat tracking map may require a password while a trip is being logged. Otherwise, the map is accessible without a password. Contact me directly to request the current password.

NOTE: when you open the map, the page will often display only the last tracking point. This is a clumsy VIEW which you will have to fix yourself. But, the fix is easy. Instead of all the tracks displaying you may see only the one. All you have to do is change the ZOOM level. The zoom level is over on the left and consists of a slider. Just zoom out to a hundred miles or more and you will see plenty of tracking points. Of course you can set the zoom to whatever you want.

See below for additional helpful instructions (Special Instructions). I apologize for the clumsy interface on the Map Share page but I have no influence on it's design, but I keep complaining.

Link to Tracking of Boat Trip(s)


Google Earth formated files:

Link to Past Trips Since July 2013

Link to Major Trips Prior to July 2013, incomplete



Special Instructions for Map Page Usage

1. Once you log in select "Map Filters".

2. Then select "Currently Tracking"  in the "Date & Time Range" pull-down list.

3. You can Zoom in and out with either the slider on the left or the mouse wheel.

If you click on the track arrow or track dots you can get time, location and heading info.


If you are not seeing all track points connected with lines then do the following:


1. Select "Users List".

2. Under "Michael Maurice" toggle "EXPAND" to show a minus "-"

(You can also do the same thing by clicking on plus "+" in the circle next to current track point.)



You can also expand track information in the users list as follows:


1. Click on ">" next to "Last: Today" under Michael's name.

2. Click on ">Point List".

3. Click on any "Tracking Point" will center the map on it.



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