Local Notice to Mariners

The Android application can be found on Amazon Android App Store using the string: USLocalNotice2Mariners Or, at:

Web: Amazon App Store

I did not design the app to be the ultimate "sliced bread" solution. You have to delete the old LNM's yourself but there is a button that will do the job.

The default district is 13, the US Northwest, since that's where I generally work. Someone is bound to come along and want a setting where the default can be set to suit them. But, the disagreeable fact is that any settings functionality is a major coding job and not likely to be done anytime soon.

I have tested this on two phones and a couple of Nexus tablets, ranging from 2.2.3 to version 6.01 of Android. I can't test what I don't have, but if you find something that's worth reporting, send me an email.

Future FEATURES: It would be nice to be able to download the Light List that matches the LNM, to be able to match the Light List numbers in the LNM with the entries in the Light List which would get the Lat/Lon and other details. Then if the GPS were working you could create a sorted list of items from the LNM by distance; such that you could have list of items from the LNM say within 50 miles or some other arbitrary distance. Frankly, a lot of coding work. First the USCG would have to supply the LNM and the Light List in XML format and then it would take some fancy coding work to stich all the data together and create the display. Maybe some day!


Other Recommended Android Apps.

Marine Navigator by Ronald Koenig Notes: I have tried most of the other chart plotting apps on the Play Store and frankly can't recommend them. I consider the Navionics apps to be a poor substitute, but I have bought them in the past.

Salt Water Tides

Tide Chart FREE

Killer Whale Sighting Reporter

Cardinal Marks


Marine Traffic Free


FlagBag 1.3 is a good app. Most of the sites on the internet have 1.4 versions, which have ads. Sorry! It is not on Google Play Store.


Anchor Alarms.

I have a couple that I have tried and ANCHOR WATCH is one I am still trying. However, I have worries about this sort of app. None of them appears to me to be adequately reliable. If you have a Garmin GPS with an anchor alarm, the whole device is devoted to the anchor alarm. But, an Android device with a app that checks to see if you have dragged is not completely devoted to your anchor watch.

I have built my own anchor alarm app and some day I may release it, but until I am convinced that it is utterly reliable I will have to keep testing it. Here is a list of issues that I see with an Android Anchor Alarm:

The anchor alarm is not the only app running.

It can be switched into the background, will become paused without your knowledge. It's not working!

If it becomes active again it may not have the original location and the GPS fix may not be reliable for some period of time.

Even if the app never becomes inactive, the GPS fix may become inaccurate to the point of danger. The app may not warn you.

If the battery is becoming low you may not get any warning that the device is about to shut down.

As you can see there is much to consider.



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